Free Format:

These stamps are perforated with a line perforation machine; each perforation step produces one continuous line of perforation holes. This means that the sheet has to be perforated separately in both horizontal and vertical orientation. As an ideal stamp should have precise corner holes, we have optimized our technique to avoid "odd crossings" as far as possible. This stamp type is recommended in all cases where the image format does not fit into the 2:1 layout of fixed format stamps, or if the required size is smaller or larger than the one provided by that format.

  • High quality, medium sized perforation (11.5 perforation holes / 2cm)
  • Number of stamps depends on stamp size, from 4 to 40 per sheet - calculate with a printable area of 15 by 20 cm on each sheet.
  • Stamp size determined by jpg image size - we print with 600 dpi, i.e. an image with 600 by 600 pixel will result in a stamp image of 1" by 1" - with 2mm perforation borders on each side, the stamp size will be 29mm by 29mm (1.2" by 1.2"). There may be small deviations from this in order to fit into the perforation grid.

Free additional options:

  • Mixed stamp images (up to 30 different images per sheet) (LP-MI)
  • Mixed stamp sizes on one sheet (within a regular grid) (LP-MS)
  • 1mm information line below stamp image (e.g. designer / year / company) (LP-IL)
  • Border texts or graphics (LP-BT, LP-BG)
  • Background image (LP-BI)
  • Stamp sheets can be vertically (our standard) or horizontally aligned (LP-VA / LP-HA)

All combinations of the above options are possible

Example 4: Sheet with mixed stamp images (LP-MI), information line (LP-IL) and border texts (LP-BT)

Sheet with mixed stamp images, information line and border texts

Example 5: Sheet with mixed stamp sizes (LP-MS). Stamps may have varying sizes both vertically and horizontally, as long they fit into an rectangular grid (i.e. continuous perforation lines).

Sheet with mixed stamp sizes

Additional options with € 0.20 surcharge per sheet:

  • Miniature sheets (about 1 - 6 miniature sheets per printing sheet, depending on size) (LP-MS)
  • Any partitioning of a miniature sheet image is possible, provided it uses continuous horizontal or vertical perforation lines
  • Triangular stamps are now possible! The only requirement for them is that they have a right angle, to make a pair of them fit into a rectangle or square. (LP-TR)

Example 6: Miniature sheet (LP-MS) containing one stamp.

Miniature sheet

Example 7: Triangular stamp as pair and as single stamp (LP-TR)

Triangular stamp