By placing an order with Yourstamps - Juergen Schwarz with shipment to any country except Germany, you accept the following terms and conditions (as of 1.3.2015):


If you are not 100% satisfied, you may return the stamps to Yourstamps without obligations. This applies to all orders under € 60 / US$ 80 / GB £ 50. For all orders over that value, you may only return the shipment if the stamps are defective. Please ask for a free printing sample if you wish to place a larger order.


Yourstamps will keep your order information (including digital stamp images) on file to support repeat orders by you of same or similar stamps. Please inform us if you require the images to be deleted after your order has been shipped. Your shipping address and email will be stored in our encrypted bookkeeping system. All information will be kept strictly confidential and will never be sold or used for mass marketing.

Image Rights and Order Acceptance:

By placing an order, you confirm that you are the owner, or have the written approval of the owner, of the image rights for the images you send in and of all trade marks and logos which may appear on the stamps. You also accept responsibility for any legal consequences of publicly distributing the stamps you have ordered. Yourstamps reserves the right to refuse an order. Please refer to the acceptance rules in the FAQ as a guideline.

Price lists:

For all European countries except the United Kingdom and Channel Islands, our Euro price list applies. For the United Kingdom and Channel Islands, our GB Pound price list applies. For all other countries, our US$ price list applies.


Payments can be made via

  • credit card (all major cards) via paypal (a company owned by ebay) for countries outside the EU.
  • paypal (ID
  • bank transfer - recommended only within the European Union countries, using the IBAN code (bank fees limited to national bank transfer fees by EU law, for all EU countries and Switzerland). You will find the account details on the invoice.
  • bitcoin - we will invoice you with the bitcoin equivalent of the Euro price at the time of shipping. As an introductory offer, we will give 5% discount for bitcoin payments

For Paypal payment, we will NOT send out a paypal invoice email. Please send your payment to my paypal ID

For payments with credit card, you will receive an email with payment information some days after your order has been shipped. Please do not send any credit card information via email! Credit card payment will be managed via paypal.

Cash by unregistered mail or cheques are not accepted! Please contact us if the above payment options are not available to you. The amount is due 7 days after receival of the shipment. New customers may be asked for advance payment in some cases.


Shipping is calculated at cost - for currencies other than €, our price table is used. Shipments above € 60 / US$ 80 / GB £ 50 will usually be send as Registered or Express. Customs duty, if applicable, is to be paid by the customer. Express shipping (DHL) is available and will be charged at cost.

German law is recognized to apply to all orders. All offers valid only where legal. These terms and conditions are valid worldwide.